Nickelodeon's Slime NFTs All Claimed, Mashups Next Friday

Nickelodeon's Slime NFTs All Claimed, Mashups Next Friday

Nickelodeon NFT launched its Slime NFTs and all of them were claimed within two hours.

To claim, holders of the Nickelodeon Rugrats & Hey Arnold! collection had to burn their NFTs to earn Slime based on the previous NFTs Slime score. 

There are now 5,000 total Slime NFTs and the only way to acquire one is through the secondary marketplace on Nickelodeon's NFT website or through OpenSea.

Once holders acquire 10 Slime NFTs, they'll be able to perform the mashup function and claim a new Nickelodeon NFT based on two identifiable characters' traits. This mashup collection is limited to 500 total NFTs.

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