Nickelodeon Slime Challenge Is Now Live

Nickelodeon Slime Challenge Is Now Live
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Nickelodeon Slime Challenges went live today at noon, ET for the Rugrats & Hey Arnold collection. Access the Slime challenges here.

Each NFT in this collection has a "Slime Score" attribute, where the score is a value between 0-10. Collectors will be able to burn their Nickelodeon NFTs to receive back "Slime" based on the burned NFT's Slime Score. For example, if a Susie Carmichael NFT with a Slime Score of 4/10 is burned, the holder will receive back four Slime.

When a holder has accrued 10 Slime, they will have the ability to perform a "Mash Up", or the collector can choose to sell the Slime. Only 5,000 Slime will be available, meaning not every holder will be able to receive Slime, as there are 4,275 NFTs in the Nickelodeon collection on Ethereum and an additional 19,063 on Polygon. As a result, it is expected that approximately 20 percent of the Nickelodeon supply will be burned in today's challenge.

Because 10 Slime is needed to create a Mash Up, this also means the total Mash Up supply is currently capped at 500. The Mash Up NFTs will be "bespoke characters that combine two different characters -- one from Rugrats and one from Hey Arnold! into something entirely unique," according to the project's website.

The floor price of the Nickelodeon collection currently sits at 0.095 ETH after topping out above 0.4 ETH following the public sale on July 18-19.

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