Nickelodeon: Rugrats & Hey Arnold NFTs

Nickelodeon: Rugrats & Hey Arnold NFT Overview

Project Information

The Nickelodeon: Rugrats & Hey Arnold! NFT is a collection of 10,000 characters from the classic 90's cartoons, Rugrats and Hey Arnold!

Each $50 pack gives holders the chance to unlock 1 of 12 characters.

Each digital collectible can be collected, traded, and turned into Slime. Slime is an NFT that can be earned by swapping in Nickelodeon NFTs. 

Each NFT will have a Slime Score based on their rarity of attributes. These include Background, Character & Outfit, Accessories, and Bonus. There are only 5,000 Slime NFTs available.

Holders can earn a highly coveted Mashup NFT by turning in a full set of 10 Slime NFTs. Mashups are bespoke characters that combine two different characters, one from Rugrats and one from Hey Arnold! There will only be 500 Mashups available.