OpenSea Launches Custom Minting Experience

OpenSea Launches Custom Minting Experience

OpenSea is debuting dedicated mint pages for new projects, the company announced in a blog post today.

The first mint with OpenSea's new project, called SeaDrop, takes place Thursday, with a collection from omgkirby which features vocals and production from rapper Channel Tres

The company claimed Monday that the email it sent to its users in error Sept. 15 was an "accidental" hint for SeaDrop, which allows artists and NFT creators the ability to launch their projects on dedicated drop pages with visibility on the OpenSea homepage.

"We are providing creators with the technical foundation to mint their projects without compromising creativity. Also, collectors can come to one trusted destination for both minting and future sales and purchases," the company said in a blog post.

The company did not include pricing details and haven't responded to questions in Discord or on Twitter.


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