OpenSea the Aggregator

OpenSea the Aggregator

OpenSea will experiment with aggregating listings from marketplaces & projects built on top of Seaport, starting with @ensvision, @sansaxyz, & @soundxyz, according to a tweet from the platform

What It Means

Listings from @soundxyz_, @ensvision, & @sansaxyz will be integrated natively into OpenSea's various categories (art, music, & domain names). Starting today, users can explore and purchase listings from:

  • 🎶 @soundxyz_ - a pioneer in music NFTs.
  • 🆔 @ensvision - an ENS bulk tools, MP & aggregator bringing web3 ID to the masses.
  • 🎨 @sansaxyz - a leading MP for the world of generative art, a marketplace designed for Art Blocks.

Why It Matters

OpenSea has continued to experiment with new features in 2023, ironically with some competitive pressure from Blur coming as a result of Blur using OpenSea's own Seaport to bypass blocklist control

Cross-listing will allow sellers to reach a much wider pool of potential buyers, increasing the chance of finding the right buyer. In the case of these three curated marketplaces, it will also have another potential consequence: lower fees. That's right, when cross-listing, sellers will only be responsible for that specific marketplace's fees instead of the 2.5 percent fee on OpenSea.

  • Sound Market: 0% listing fee
  • ENS Vision: 1.5% listing fee
  • Sansa: 1% listing fee

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