Creators Get OpenSea Boost

Creators Get OpenSea Boost

OpenSea released a set of tools that will allow creators to release NFT collections across multiple blockchains, personalize their landing page, and more. 

❗Why It Matters

OpenSea has lost NFT trading marketshare to Blur, and is already at a deficit in creator minting thanks to the rise of Manifold. To stay on top as a leading place for all things NFT minting, collecting, and trading, it will need to continue to innovate on products that benefit all NFT demographics. 

The Deets

Creators that are granted access to the recently released tools will have the following capabilities: 

  • Configure allowlists
  • Personalize landing pages
  • Launch across Ethereum, Polygon, and other EVM chains
  • Configuring drop mechanics

🎬 Take Action

Creators can request access to the tools on OpenSea.

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