Opt-In? Opepen Drops 001, 002 Coming Soon

Opt-In? Opepen Drops 001, 002 Coming Soon

Jack Butcher announced that Opepen will utilize an "opt-in" mechanism and drops 001 and 002 will take place soon. 

The Deets

  • Opt-in system for drops 001 and 002
  • Generous 48-hour window to participate, expected to open this weekend
  • Reveal set for early next week
  • Unsold art will be withheld, new pack developed

The Details

Opepens will utilize an opt-in system that allows potential buyers a generous 48-hour window to participate. This opt-in system aims to give everyone a fair chance to acquire the new NFTs.

The reveal for these drops is planned for early next week. If either pack is not sufficiently subscribed (with the percentage to be determined), the art will not be dropped and a new pack will be developed instead. This ensures that the NFTs maintain their value and exclusivity.

❗️Why It Matters

The long-awaited Opepen PFPs are just around the corner at this point. While the market seeks something new and fresh, Jack Butcher continues to push the envelopes of project delivery, utilizing a unique opt-in mechanic to allow users to "choose" which Opepen packs they are a part of. Unfortunately, sometimes the added complexity can work against a project if it's not easy for the participants to understand. 

🎬 Take Action

Stay tuned for more details on Opepen's NFT drops and be prepared to opt in during the 48-hour window starting this weekend.

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