The Opepen Revolution: Seeds of Metadata Change

The Opepen Revolution: Seeds of Metadata Change
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Jack Butcher expounded on the mechanics of Opepen's upcoming evolution as part of an expansive tweet thread 🧵 spanning yesterday and today.

❗ Why It Matters

While Jack Butcher made it clear last month that the Opepen PFP project had no official timeline, crypto Twitter's current fascination with the recently launched $PEPE token makes now an ideal time to revisit his open edition dedicated to Pepe the Frog, "the internet's most prolific memetic character."

What It Means

As far as the mechanics go, Opepen packs will be released in 200 drops, with 80 Opepens revealed at a time and then selected to undergo a metadata change (in true @jackbutcher fashion), until it achieves the supply of 16,000 (16,000/80 = 200).

Notably, there are selection multipliers in place that will prioritize Checks Originals holders, who will receive better serials and earlier reveal odds.

The Details

A summary of the takeaways, in the words of Jack Butcher:

  • 200 drops ("200 collections within the collection")
  • 80 Opepens revealed per drop ("as we release each pack, 80 opepens will be selected and revealed")
  • Provably random ("via a provably random algorithm (will open source in the thread here shortly)")
  • Metadata changes on existing tokens
  • Checks Originals increase the likelihood of your Opepen being revealed in an earlier, lower number drop ("with some selection weights applied to checks originals collectors")
  • $0.


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