OSF Launches "Rekt Cities" on Nifty Gateway

OSF Launches "Rekt Cities" on Nifty Gateway

Rekt Cities by OSF went live on Tuesday afternoon. This collection is of five artworks with four Blind Editions (HK, TYO, PAR, NYC), and one Collectors-only Blind Edition (LDN).

The Blind Editions are similar to Open Editions, except that the end times and max edition counts were hidden from buyers prior to the 6 p.m. go-live date. All of the artworks sold out in the first 10 minutes after going live.

The availability of the artworks was as follows:

  • 241 editions of HK
  • 207 editions of TYO
  • 403 editions of PAR
  • 303 editions of LDN
  • 504 editions of NYC

The rektguy collection was in the news recently after news spread of a dormant account buying up rare NFTs. The wallet bought more than 60 rekt guy NFTs as well as a handful of ENS domains related to "rekt."

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