Porsche Releases NFT Details, Opens Discord

Porsche Releases NFT Details, Opens Discord

Porsche released details and opened a Discord server for the brand's upcoming NFT project on Tuesday, a week after announcing the company's entrance into the Web3 space. 

The 7,500-piece NFT collection will be based on the Porsche 911, with a planned release date in January 2023. The website breaks the project up into three phases: 

Phase 1: Minting of 7,500 Porsche 911 NFTs, which give users access to "a new world of Porsche where the rewards are real and unique to you." 

Phase 2: Users will have three paths to choose from, with Performance, Heritage, and Lifestyle as options. "The choice is yours," the website reads. "Select your path and steer the journey of your very special 911 — are you an adrenaline junkie, have a heart for classics or someone who enjoys the pleasures of life?" 

Phase 3: Design traits can be unlocked based on user choices, with over 150,000 variations possible. 

The minting price has yet to be revealed. Users can sign up for the allowlist on the Porsche NFT website from Dec. 20, 2022 - Jan. 6, 2023. The mint will be broken into four waves, with holders of partner NFTs, a Porsche POAP from "The Gateway" Event having an increased chance at priority minting. 

The project also launched a Discord on Tuesday, which will become an exclusive holder's community in January following the mint. 

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