Prohibition: An Art Blocks x Arbitrum Production

Prohibition: An Art Blocks x Arbitrum Production

Art Blocks announced the upcoming launch of Prohibition, an open generative art platform on Arbitrum powered by the Art Blocks Engine.

The Deets

  • Created by VenturePunk, a web3 innovation studio founded by Jordan Lyall.
  • Scalability: Transactions are affordable, which helps reduce costs for both artists and collectors.
  • Low barriers to entry: No curation board, no allowlists, and no mint passes.
  • Launching in June 2023.

❗ Why It Matters

Art Blocks has become synonymous with onchain generative art, and Arbitrum is a growing Layer 2 blockchain on top of Ethereum.

Arbitrum allows for low transaction costs for artists (allowing for more complex, data-heavy scripts) as well as collectors (helping to onboard new users), and offers the scalability and affordability needed to make Prohibition accessible to everyone.

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