Rarible Makes It Easier to Build on Polygon

Rarible Makes It Easier to Build on Polygon

Rarible's community marketplace builder for Polygon is now live, according to a tweet from the platform. 

What Is Rarible's Community Marketplace Builder?

Rarible's community marketplace builder allows any NFT collection owner to create their own marketplace easily, with no coding involved and no fees charged by Rarible. This feature was originally launched for Ethereum in August and now extends to Polygon.

Rarible's community marketplaces also have built-in liquidity via orders aggregated across other NFT marketplaces (i.e. OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, Rarible). So if a collection is listed on OpenSea, those same orders would be automatically displayed on the community marketplace.

Why It Matters

Rarible is betting on the growth of NFTs on Polygon. "We firmly believe in the role of Ethereum-based chains in growing the NFT space, and Polygon's recent success with onboarding both web2 (Nike, Reddit) and web3 (y00ts) giants makes us even more bullish," read a statement in the company's release notes

Users having more diversity of options for consumption, across chains or marketplaces, will always be a welcomed development. As more creators and consumers enter web3, it is important to continue to work on removing existing barriers to entry.

Community Talk

Nothing says incentivizing creators to join web3 like Polygon developing tools like this. Very well done!tinker, @smol_hmm

massive W for the polygon ecosystem LFGchaddest of chads, @PolyChad

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