Reboot Chooses XAI

Reboot Chooses XAI
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Reboot is partnering with Xai Foundation, marking a new era in its on-chain gaming future with BattlePlan's integration on the Xai network.

The Deets

  • Strategic partnership: Reboot and Xai Foundation team up for gaming innovation
  • Enhanced gaming experience: Utilizing Xai's technology for BattlePlan
  • Future expansions: BattlePlan! is the first of many games planned for Reboot Protocol

The Bulk

Reboot, the protocol behind Pixel Vault's BattlePlan!, entered a strategic partnership with The Xai Foundation, a new player in the gaming-centric blockchain networks.

This collaboration is set to enhance the gaming experience for BattlePlan's growing fan base which is expected to debut on Xai in Q2 2024. 

BattlePlan, celebrated for its engaging on-chain strategic gameplay, has amassed a dedicated following, with up to 5,000 weekly active users enjoying an average of two hours of gameplay daily.

Since its launch on Arbitrum Nova in early January, it has experienced more than 7.5 million transactions.

The transition to the Xai network is strategically aimed at leveraging a blockchain foundation built specifically for gaming. This move promises enhanced game stability, faster transactions, and an improved player experience. 

📊 By the Numbers

BattlePlan! boasted more than 7.5 million transactions and greater than 10,000 players participating in Season One. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

The partnership with Xai Foundation represents a strategic step forward in our mission to harness blockchain technology to enhance gaming experiences and value creation for all stakeholders.Sean Gearin, CEO of Pixel Vault

🔜 What's Next?

As BattlePlan is preparing for launch on the Xai network in Q2 2024.

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