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Pixel Vault Founder's DAO

Project Information

The Pixel Vault Founder’s DAO (PVFD) NFT is a Fvckrender-designed ERC-721 NFT that entitles the holder to proportional DAO governance rights. Holders of a Pixel Vault Punks Comic #1 had to burn their comic NFT to acquire a Founders DAO token. 5,902 Comic #1s were burned to create Founder's DAO tokens. 

Pixel Vault is a web3 native media firm focused on elevating crypto-native assets across a range of channels. Pixel Vault has three core divisions that make up the company: Pixel Vault Sports, Punks Comic, and MetaHero. In February 2022, Pixel Vault raised $100 million in funding led by 01 Advisors, and Velvet Sea Ventures.

Holding a Founder’s Dao token grants proportional access to The Pixel Vault Founder's DAO assets. The estimated value of the Founder's DAO at inception was 600+ETH. 

The Founder's DAO tokens represent the collective of members who hold ownership of a vault of crypto assets. The Founder's DAO, fully governed by its members, has the flexibility to sell individual DAO items, fractionalize the Founder's DAO, accept a buyout, or even potentially raise funds to acquire new assets. In theory, the PVFD can vote to do anything it wishes with these assets (or raised assets) as long as it is:
- Voted upon by the PVFD
- Conforms to the PVFD's constitution

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