Reddit's Gen 3 Avatars Are Coming

Reddit's Gen 3 Avatars Are Coming
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Reddit confirmed that the highly anticipated Gen 3 Avatar launch will be held tomorrow April 11. 


  • Drop will be held in Reddit avatar shop
  • Launch is slated for the afternoon (ET) 

The Details

The announcement comes with a sneak peek for enthusiasts to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Rumored artists joining the lineup include a mix of newcomers and returning favorites. New artists, such as Dashikka, are expected to make a splash while returning creators like Rojom and TheFattyBagz will continue to delight fans.

Why It Matters

The launch of Gen 3 Avatars is causing excitement in the community, as its Gen1 and Gen2 Avatars collections took the market by storm in the summer of 2022, temporarily dominating volume traded in the market and creating a notable expansion in the Polygon NFT ecosystem. Despite waning interest in the general NFT market, Reddit remains committed to some level of involvement in web3 and tomorrow will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the platform's future, which likely includes its own marketplace for avatar trading in the future. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Confirmed artist Chris (@Prguitarman) shared his artwork, inspiration, and insight into the collaboration. In addition, he confirmed the supply for this piece which will be 1,000.

I've been sharing my art and memes on Reddit for almost 12 years and the platform has been very supportive of my work. It'll be awesome introducing a fun twist of an original look to a new audience while bringing provenance to my existing art@PRguitarman

🎬 Take Action

Users can prepare for the launch on Reddit by setting up their vaultt up your vault and having a credit card handy for tomorrow's drop. 

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