Royalty Report | Yuga Still King

Royalty Report | Yuga Still King

Ghost Boy was the only non-Yuga NFT in the top five in royalties genearted in the last seven days, according to data from

❗Why It Matters

Creator royalties are among the hottest topics in web3 in the last week, headlined by OpenSea's decision to temporarily reduce its platform fee and fundamentally change its stance on royalty protection. And while creator royalties have continued to trend downward, the top earning collections have still mustered hundreds of thousands in the last week alone. 

💰Money Talks

Below is the list of top royalty earners in the last week (data as of Feb. 22), courtesy of Definitive and a few bullets with interesting notes:

  • Ghost Boy burst onto the scene last week, minting for 0.025 ETH via primary and an earning an additional $366,000 via secondary sales and creator royalties. 
  • Despite a closed sewer, Sewer Passes generated more than $300,000. Passes are usable once more if users want to go Toad Mode
  • Jack Butcher's Opepen tease jolted the collection to the top of volume charts generating $216,000 in creator royalties in the last seven days. 

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