Sharp Wallets Buying Degenheim, Finiliar

Sharp Wallets Buying Degenheim, Finiliar

The Lucky Trader Sharp Report is showing some big movement in the past 24 hours related to sharp wallets entering some new and existing projects.

Degenheim is leading the report with a +153 net unique buy score on the day. The new project was minted yesterday at 0.08 ETH and has reached a current floor of 0.16 ETH on its first day of secondary trading.

Finiliar is in second on the daily chart, with a +50 unique buy score. This comes on the back of a surge in floor price, up 38 percent on the day to 0.36 ETH. Finiliar NFTs traded as low as 0.06 ETH back on Oct. 4 and have been on a steady grind up over the past two weeks, accelerating in the past day.

Sharp wallets also added Renga, Street Machine, and The Sillies, rounding out the top five unique buy score winners on the day.

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