Side Quest Complete! RTFKT x RIMOWA Opens Soon

Side Quest Complete! RTFKT x RIMOWA Opens Soon
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With that last Side Quest complete, the RTFKT team is set to open their RIMOWA mint tomorrow. According to a tweet this afternoon, the mint will take place on Oct. 27 at 11:30 a.m. ET.

Two items will be available in the mint, a Cabin Luggage NFT and a WorkerBot NFT. The Cabin Luggage NFTs will include a supply of 888 NFTs, priced at ~$3,000, though the price will be adjusted in ETH terms closer to the mint. The WorkerBot NFTs will be 2,222 in supply and priced at ~$100, also adjusted in ETH terms at the time of mint.

Entry into the mint will be done via two live draw systems, open to the public. There will be two separate draws, and each requires entrants to hold enough cryptocurrency for each respective mint (2.3 ETH for the Cabin Luggage and 0.08 ETH for the WorkerBots). Entrants are able to enter both draws and draw winners will be allowed to mint one item.

Clone X NFT holders will be given higher probability chances of winning the draw but must use the same wallet that holds their Clone X NFT to receive that perk.

The draw and mint will take place in an OnCyber space, and the RTFKT team will share links and more information tomorrow morning ahead of the launch.

For full detail on the launch, navigate to the official project link.

About the NFTs

The RTFKT x RIMOWA “Meta Artisan” Original Cabin Luggage NFT is a forgeable placeholder NFT that will allow owners to redeem for the physical luggage piece in the future (date is still TBD). The physical luggage is the classic RIMOWA Original aluminum version with the RTFKT special limited edition "Wandersmith" Anti-FUD pattern print on top of it. 

The RTFKT x RIMOWA WorkerBot was designed by RTFKT, co-engineered by RIMOWA, and is equipped with the signature RTFKT Skin Vial technology. These NFTs are meant to serve as three-dimensional avatars, and are described as "the perfect avatar to start exploring the Metaverse." Those that took part in the Side Quests may recognize the WonderBots as the assistants to The Wandersmith, which executed tasks such as welling, factory line inspection, and general cleanliness. The "FUD Virus" had left them in an unproductive state, but the completion of the quests killed the virus and "healed" the WorkerBots.

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