Solana Go Blur? Tensor Raises $3 Million

Solana Go Blur? Tensor Raises $3 Million

Tensor, a pro-trader NFT marketplace on Solana, raised of $3 million in funding according to a thread posted by the platform

❗ Why It Matters

Tensor is aiming to be the "Blur" of Solana, an NFT marketplace driven by and built for the most professional of NFT traders. Magic Eden has been a leader in NFT trading on Solana for quite some time, not needing to fend off much in the way of notable competition. Given Tensor's committment to a $BLUR like airdrop, it'll be interesting to see just how much traction the nascent marketplace can earn. 

📝 The Deets

  • Tensor's $3 million funding round was led by Placeholder VC and participated in by a pair of Solana Labs co-founders. 
  • Tensor started raising funds on the day of FTX's collapse.

🎤 Community Quotes

Tensor will become the base protocol for NFT trading on @solana, the same way that @Uniswap did for erc-20s and@blur_io did for erc-721s on EthTensor

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