Steve Aoki and Seth Green Join Forces

Steve Aoki and Seth Green Join Forces
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Steve Aoki has partnered with Seth Green's Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Shibuya to create the "first ever community developed stop-motion series."

❗Why It Matters

The series, called Dominion X: Level 2, will be partly directed by Replicant X NFT holders, who will participate in "choose-your-own-adventure" type of exercises to help guide the storyline.

🧠 Need to Know

  • Dominion X: Level 2 is preceded by Dominion X, a stop-motion short film that debuted in August, 2021, and sold out in under 10 seconds.
  • Shibuya is a "web3 creator platform" that focuses on new ways of creating long-form content.
  • While holding a Replicant X NFT will be required to participate in the story-building, the final content will be open to holders and non-holders alike.

⚡ Take Action

  • Replicant X holders who wish to get involved should first stake their NFTs here.
  • Over the next six weeks, the Stoopid Buddy team will work on the content, while seeking input from the Replicant X community.
  • As a reward for participating, Replicant X holders will receive a commemorative NFT reward at the conclusion of the program.

🎤Founder Feedback

As creators its thrilling to have these new tools to bring fans right into our writers room so they can participate in the creative process with us. The approach with Replicant X is designed to maximize fan input into the story, and more importantly, create comedic sequences that we would never have dreamed up on our own.Seth Green

Since debuting in my very first NFT collection, Character X has truly become my web3 ambassador. From his own blockchain short film to surprise appearances in other NFT collections, his journey in web3 has mirrored my own. I am excited to be working with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Seth Green as we guide Character X through this next evolution into Replicant X, bringing the community along for the ride.Steve Aoki

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