A0K1VERSE NFT Overview

Project Information

A0K1VERSE Credits are ERC-1155 tokens where only 25,000 Credits will be made available for initial public release, while the remaining 25,000 will be used as earn able rewards for A0K1VERSE citizens.

The project is by Steve Aoki, the famous American DJ, record producer, music programmer, and record executive.

Starting February 22nd, A0K1VERSE citizens will be able to redeem their credits for a personal passport. A0K1 Passports are only obtainable by redeeming A0K1 Credits. You can currently upgrade your Passport to access higher reward levels by redeeming additional A0K1 Credits. In the future, you'll also be able combine multiple Passports into one higher level Passport. An A0K1VERSE Passport will be a dynamic NFT that evolves over time as it is used for different experiences and building one's own unique identity in the A0K1VERSE. To start, the Passport will enable citizens of the A0K1VERSE to access unique opportunities and experiences in several different categories such as events, digital collectibles, and physical merch.

Citizens of the A0K1VERSE gain unrivaled access to both on-chain and physical experiences including:

  • Exclusive pre-sale access, free mints and more to Aoki NFT releases and partner drops
  • Free Steve Aoki tour tickets to hundreds of dates worldwide
  • Digital and physical collectibles
  • Free apparel, wearables, and exclusive access to collabs with some of the world's most iconic IP
  • Token-gated access to A0K1VERSE-only events
  • Virtual metaverse performances

In February 2022, A0k1verse gifted holders two free tokens for every A0k1verse token held in order to distribute its unsold supply. 

In March 2022, A0k1verse announced a special live event for holders featuring Steve Aoki, ThankYouX, and Fvckrender.