SuperRare Launches 'RarePass Genesis'

SuperRare Launches 'RarePass Genesis'

Leading digital art marketplace SuperRare is launching its own collector's pass called "RarePass: Genesis" according to a tweet this morning.

The RarePass will unlock the following features:

  • 12 unique artwork drops from rotating artists, airdropped monthly (editions of 250)
  • 3 opportunities per month to win 1/1 art
  • Private community
  • Partner benefits TBD + more to come

Featured artists include some of the most popular and highest-grossing artists of all time, including XCOPY, Drift, Killer Acid, Matt Kane, and Coldie, along with rising stars like Alien Queen, OSF, 0xTjo, and omentejovem. 

The artists are tiered into "Airdrop Artists," who will execute the monthly airdrops, and "Special Release Artists," who will provide the unique 1/1s via the 3x monthly giveaways.

The pass will launch on Nov. 15 and can be accessed here. Only 209 passes are available, with 41 reserved for collaborators.

RarePass #1 will be first to auction in a 24-hour sale, starting at 10 a.m. ET on Nov. 15, at a starting price of $1. At the completion of the auction, the remaining 208 passes will go on sale in a Dutch auction. The auctions will support USD via a partnership with Moonpay.

Given the caliber of artists included in this project, this is likely to be a highly coveted pass.

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