.SWOOSH Delays General Access Sale

.SWOOSH Delays General Access Sale

.SWOOSH postponed its General Access sale to Wednesday, May 24, due to unexpected traffic spikes experienced during the First Access phase.

The Deets

  • Delay in General Access sale: It is slated for May 24.
  • Traffic spike during First Access: The .SWOOSH platform experienced a surge in traffic which their website wasn't prepared for.
  • Tech team working on the issue: Efforts are ongoing to scale up the site to handle increased traffic.
  • Anticipating 350K+ .SWOOSH members: The delay is to allow more testing and readiness to accommodate a large number of expected users.

The Bulk

.SWOOSH has decided to postpone its General Access sale to May 24. The decision was made in light of a traffic spike the platform experienced during the First Access phase.

On Monday, as First Access commenced, the platform's website couldn't handle the significant surge in traffic. This unexpected event left many users unable to navigate the platform effectively, prompting the need for urgent technical improvements.

The tech team at .SWOOSH has been working since the incident, seeking to scale up the site to provide all users with the best possible experience. While progress has been made, the team believes that additional time is needed to fully prepare the site for the anticipated influx of 350K+ .SWOOSH members during the General Access phase.

The decision to delay the General Access sale is a proactive measure to ensure the site is equipped to handle such significant traffic. The team is using this time to conduct thorough testing to confirm the site's readiness and capacity.

🔜 What's Next?

With the General Access sale postponed to May 24, .SWOOSH members and interested individuals should keep an eye on further announcements from the team regarding the readiness of the site and the launch of the sale.

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