.SWOOSH Sells Over 55,000 OF1 Boxes on Day 1

.SWOOSH Sells Over 55,000 OF1 Boxes on Day 1

.SWOOSH celebrates the sale of over 55,000 OF1 Boxes to more than 30,000 unique members on their Force 1 Day 1 event.

The Deets

• Over 55K OF1 Boxes sold on Day 1
• More than 30K unique .SWOOSH members participated
• Opportunity to buy up to 4 OF1 Boxes during General Access, even if one was already purchased during First Access

The Bulk

The Our Force Day 1 event attracted over 30,000 unique members, marking an important moment for the .SWOOSH community.

Each member can buy up to four OF1 Boxes during the General Access phase, regardless of whether they had already made a purchase during the First Access phase. 

🎬  Take Action

The Our Force 1 boxes are available for purchase until June 1 at 2:59am ET.

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