Tim Ferriss Launches PREMINT for 'Project 555'

Tim Ferriss Launches PREMINT for 'Project 555'

Tim Ferriss has released new details for his upcoming NFT project, codename "Project 555", along with a PREMINT signup.

For those unfamiliar with Tim, he is a NY Times bestseller, entrepreneur, podcaster, investor, and lifestyle guru. He is most famous for his "4-Hour" book series, including "The 4-Hour Work Week", "The 4-Hour Body," and the "4-Hour Chef." 

Tim has a lengthy history with notable NFT founder Kevin Rose of the PROOF Collective and Moonbirds, with Kevin frequently going on Tim's podcast for episodes of "The Random Show."

Fittingly, Tim got his NFT start with help from Kevin, launching his own NFT as a part of the Grails Season 1 project. That genesis NFT "How to Start a War" has an image of gold bullets overlaid upon a dark page with white text. That text was the first fiction piece ever published from Tim, a "short story is about mercenaries, modern life, mental gymnastics, and the games we play."

Tim found some real success in this debut, as the set of 60 editions currently holds an 8.5 ETH floor and sold as high as 15 ETH at its peak.

"Project 555" Overview

For "Project 555", not much is yet known. Tim shares that it will be "very elaborate and unbelievably bizarre,", and 100 percent of the primary sale proceeds will be donated to the Saisei Foundation, a non-profit scientific research foundation focused on psychedelic medicine. 

He promises good art, good entertainment, and good with the Saisei Foundation. There are no plans for a discord, utility, or roadmap, as he looks to buck current trends in the NFT space (something he has alluded to in prior newsletters).

To be eligible for the PREMINT, individuals must:

  • be a subscriber to Tim's newsletter "5-Bullet Friday"
  • follow Tim and his NFT account @TimTimNifties on Twitter
  • have 0.5 ETH or more in your wallet

The registration window will remain open for one week, closing next Friday at 11:59 p.m. ET. Winners of the PREMINT raffle will have special access to mint on the mint day.

Given Tim's following (1.8M on Twitter), subscribers, and general hardcore fans, there will likely be a big demand for this PREMINT raffle, and the subsequent launch of the project.



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