TwelveFold Outputs Spark Conversation

TwelveFold Outputs Spark Conversation

The full collection of TwelveFold inscriptions is now revealed and the NFT community is speaking out, with many commenting on the lack of variety and overall quality of the collection and others defending the outputs. 

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Quotes piled in from the community when one set of inscriptions, which features one single highlighted row and column of blue and pink bubbles, started to make the rounds on Twitter. 

Pretty average sorry to sayBr377y.eth

Checks creator Jack Butcher chimed in, showcasing a Checks grid with a similar theme

While others piled in with incredulity or sarcasm about the collection, others did jump in to defend the collection - in one case referencing the similarty of outputs amongst the Chromie Squiggle collection

🔥Hot Taek

Many will poke jokes at Yuga for the outputs in this collection (myself included), and I do think it is warranted. But I suspect this may end up being one of those "the badness becomes memetic" moments, like Pixelmon's Kevin. Yes, I think TwelveFold may thrive on the limits of its own collection. But please, stop comparing it to Autoglyphs. 

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