Two Changes Coming to Bidding on Blur

Two Changes Coming to Bidding on Blur

Blur announced today that two important changes are coming to the marketplace this week.

❗ Why It Matters

Blur founder Pacman promised yesterday that more features and functionality would be coming to the platform after Blend went live, and he meant it. In this case, Blur is making a couple tweaks to improve the overall bidding process for the community.

The Deets

  1. Bidders must cancel their bids prior to accepting lower bids, and this feature goes live tomorrow.
  2. Phase 1 of filters for bid spoofers will go live later this week.

The Details

Bid spoofers are typically bots that front-run bids that are accepted to farm points without the risk. Blur notes that there are many ways to detect these spoofers, and phase 1 of the filtering process is going live this week.

Sellers will be required to cancel their bids in order to sell to lower bids. This is because, under current conditions, accepting a bid would skip the seller's own bids. And while this does prevent self-trading, it also makes it more difficult for other traders to determine what the "real" top bid is. So going forward, accepting a bid will no longer bypass the seller's own bids.

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