U.S. Facebook and Instagram Users Can Now Share Their 'Digital Collectibles'

U.S. Facebook and Instagram Users Can Now Share Their 'Digital Collectibles'

All Facebook and Instagram users in the United States can now connect web3 compatible wallets and share their digital collectibles on the platforms, according to an update in Meta's Digital Collectible press release from early May. 

At the time of the original announcement, only select creators were given access to the digital collectibles feature as Meta hoped to "learn from the community." 

In late August Meta started allowing select users to share digital collectibles that they owned on Instagram and Facebook. 

Users taking advantage of the platform will have access to the following features teased in May:

  • Connect a digital wallet: Users can connect a digital wallet and choose which NFTs they want to share on Instagram. 
  • Share NFTs: Users can share NFTs they own, giving them a "glimmer effect." Each shared NFT will also distribute information about the NFT. 
  • Automatically tag creators: Users will have the ability to automatically tag the creator or artist, though the feature is subject to the privacy settings of the users. 

Note: As of 11:00 a.m. ET select Instagram accounts may not have access to the Digital Collectibles feature. 

How To Access Digital Collectibles On Instagram

Those wishing to access the digital collectibles feature on Instagram can do so in the options menu of their profile pages. 

Along the left sidebar, users can select "Digital Collectibles," and proceed through the steps in connecting a wallet and selecting any NFTs they'd wish to share. 

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