VeeFriends Launching Vending Machines

VeeFriends Launching Vending Machines

VeeFriends announced VeeFriends Vending, a new initiative to expand its intellectual property through collectible toy vending machines.

The Deets

  • Collectible, 1'' rubber toys
  • 10 unique characters per season, launching Season 1 and 2 (total of 20 characters)
  • Partnership with Scott Jochim, founder of SqwishLand and Brand Vending Products
  • Do not need to own a VeeFriend NFT to participate
  • Package options of 1, 5, 10, and 50 machines

The Details

VeeFriends Vending aims to make VeeFriends more accessible and visible by offering IP expansion through collectible rubber toys commonly seen in store openings. Each season will feature 10 unique characters, with Seasons 1 and 2 launching simultaneously, offering fans a total of 20 distinct characters to collect.

The project is partnering with Scott Jochim, founder and owner of toy vending company SqwishLand and Brand Vending Products, who has sold over 250 million toys in the vending space.

Retail store owners and operators can apply to feature VeeFriends Vending machines in their locations. Users must apply for a chance to get machines which are expected to ship in September. 

Packages start at $750. 

❗️Why It Matters

VeeFriends Vending is a unique take on IP expansion, differing slightly from the plushy collectibles that the project, and others like Pudgy Penguins have flashed in the past. Perhaps most interestingly, this expansion effort provides web3 participants with an opportunity to actively participate in the upside of the vending machines. On the otherhand, the plush collectible sales only flowed to the VeeFriends corporate equity holder. Aligning incentives with community members is one of the core benefits of web3, and VeeFriends is testing its hand with the vending concept. 

💰 Money Talks 

According to the FAQ, packages start at $750 and users can expect to earn around 275% on average for the toy investment. 

🎬 Take Action

Want to get your own VeeFriends Vending set up? Interested parties should visit to learn about available packages and frequently asked questions. For further inquiries, email for support. 


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