WEF Dreams Up Metaverse

WEF Dreams Up Metaverse

The World Economic Forum launched the Global Collaboration Village today at their Annual Meeting 2023 in Davos, Switzerland. 

What is the Global Collaboration Village?

In partnership with Accenture and Microsoft, the World Economic Forum created what it is calling the "first global, purpose-driven metaverse platform." The virtual village has been designed to function and resemble the actual Swiss town, and the people in it attending conferences, and exploring, are avatars.

Why It Matters:

This project is significant for many reasons, chiefly that it's an example of an entity trying to use metaverse technology for the public good, rather than to turn a profit. The development of the Global Collaboration Village is truly a vote of confidence in the future of the metaverse.

As always there will be first movers, bystanders and those who are slower to adapt to change. And as we see with every breakthrough technology, there will be leaps forward and setbacks along the way. To create mass adoption, the metaverse must show that it is not just a replacement for what we already do but that it enables us to do things in new and more effective ways.Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

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