Wen Lambo? VeVe Says Sunday

Wen Lambo? VeVe Says Sunday

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini is bringing its fleet of cars - in digital collectible form - to the VeVe marketplace, per a press release today. 


The Deets

Digital collectible Lamborghinis will be available exclusively on the VeVe platform on Sunday, Feb. 19 at 11 AM ET, and the first drop will center around Lamborghini's super-sports car, the Huracán STO. VeVe tweeted that the four interactive digital collectibles will release in a blind box format, and rarity will range from Uncommon to Secret Rare.

The first group of Lamborghini Huracán VeVe digital collectible colorways include:

  • Bianco Asopo/Blu Le Mans [white base, blue accent]
  • Grigio Titans/Giallo Belenus [grey base, yellow accent]
  • Rosso Epona/Grigio Adamas [red base, grey accent]
  • Verde Citrea/Arancio DAC [green base, orange accent]

Lamborghini will also be leveraging VeVe's technological capabilities: collectors can showcase their digital cars in the app’s virtual showrooms, use augmented reality (AR) to view their car on streets in the real-world, and share it on VeVe's social feeds.

❗ Why It Matters

VeVe's platform offers premium licensed digital collectibles from brands like Disney, so Lamborghini opting to partner with VeVe rather than manage their own mint mechanic isn't all that surprising.

Lamborghini already did release an NFT collection titled "The Epic Road Trip" back in August 2022, of which there were three separate drops of 1,963 NFTs at $196.30 each, and one rare edition of which only 63 were available for $1,963 each. The pricing was a nod to Lamborghini's founding year of 1963. Interestingly, the roadmap for the prior project is set to conclude in March 2023, closely coinciding with this February VeVe release.


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