0N1 Force Comeback Story Continues

0N1 Force Comeback Story Continues
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0N1 Force added to its comeback story this week, announcing a partnership with Theia Interactive, comic books previews at Comic-Con, and off-chain points system launch among other initiatives.

The Deets

  • 0N1 Force Ordinals: The project inscribed 7 original characters onto BTC, marking its place as the first anime project on BTC.
  • Partnership with Theia Interactive: As one of the only three official Unreal Engine partners, Theia Interactive will assist in launching The Enclave into Fortnite Creative 2.0.
  • Comic-Con 2021: Upcoming comic books will be previewed during this year's Comic-Con event.
  • Off-Chain Points System: 0N1 Force will launch an off-chain points system in the coming weeks in collaboration with HLV_XYZ.
  • Team Additions: Several high-profile artists and advisors, including a previous principal at Riot Games, are joining the team.

The Bulk

Having firmly established itself in the NFT anime space, 0N1 Force is now venturing into new, innovative territories. It has inscribed seven unique characters onto BTC, carving out its place as the first anime project on the platform. These characters will take center stage in an upcoming comic series set to launch later this year.

To bring its vision to life, 0N1 Force has formed a strategic partnership with Theia Interactive, one of only three official Unreal Engine partners. The collaboration aims to launch The Enclave into Fortnite Creative 2.0, further merging the realms of blockchain and gaming.

This year's Comic-Con attendees are in for a treat as 0N1 Force will preview its much-anticipated comic books during the event. An off-chain points system, another unique initiative by the project, is set to be unveiled in the coming weeks, and developed in collaboration with HLV_XYZ.

Moreover, the 0N1 Force team is expanding, welcoming on board several highly skilled artists and advisors, such as Hicham Habchi, former Principal at Riot Games, and Square Kush, a respected animation advisor.

📊 By the Numbers

0N1 Force's floor price has been on the move up since the beginning of the year, and while the price initially rose on the latest announcements, it's settled lower in the last two days. Nevertheless, the project is up four percent in the last week. 

🎤Project Prose

Stay on the lookout, we’re just getting started!0N1 Force

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