0N1 Force Rises: New Leadership, New Ambitions

0N1 Force Rises: New Leadership, New Ambitions
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Henry Finn, formerly a volunteer and now CEO, is leading the resurgence of the 0N1 Force brand, joined by an all-star team that includes David Uslan, a prominent name in the Batman franchise's TV and film IP rights.

The Deets

  • Finn began as a volunteer, progressing to project manager and eventually CEO.
  • The 0N1 community appointed Finn as CEO, acknowledging his dedication and involvement in the brand.
  • Old Fashioned Research (OFR) recently acquired 0N1 Force, a turning point for the brand.
  • Finn envisions 0N1 Force as a potential billion-dollar brand in the digital collectible market.

The Bulk

Henry Finn's journey with 0N1 Force started humbly. Initially volunteering in early 2022, Finn quickly found himself engaged with the brand and its community. His leadership style, molded by his involvement with the community, earned him the respect and trust of its members, eventually leading to his appointment as CEO.

While Finn contemplated leaving 0N1 Force after OFR's acquisition, he decided to stay, recognizing the unique opportunity it presented. Encouraged by the dynamic and experienced team at OFR, Finn stayed, believing in his unique ability to lead the brand and inspired by the potential that lay ahead.

According to Finn, the acquisition by OFR marked the beginning of a brand resurgence. While assigning a monetary value to a digital IP can be challenging, Finn believes that 0N1 Force has the potential to evolve into a billion-dollar brand that could rival some of the largest IPs in the world.

โ—Why It Matters

The 0N1 Force's revival under Finn's leadership signifies the value of a strong community and strategic partnerships in the NFT space. This could set a precedent for other brands navigating similar challenges, demonstrating the importance of dedicated leadership and the power of community support.

๐ŸŽค Founder's Feedback

It's a combination of my belief that I am truly suited for this role in a way I can't see anyone else fulfilling, as well as being incredibly excited to work with such an esteemed ownership group.Henry Finn, CEO of 0N1 Force

The comeback tour is our way of establishing that the new chapter of 0N1 Force begins now. A lot of people in the community have been waiting for the next chapter. Now that we have completely new ownership that is stellar and the original founders are 100 percent out, we want the community to know that we have truly turned over a new leaf and it is safe for them to look at us in a new light.Henry Finn, CEO of 0N1 Force

๐Ÿ“Š By The Numbers

0N1 Force is up 120% in the last month, and 506% in the last year.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

In a Twitter announcement on May 22, 0N1 Force announced "The Comeback Tour Starts Tomorrow," with a graphic highlighting May 31 as the next milestone.

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