0N1 Force Reveals 'Worldwide'

0N1 Force Reveals 'Worldwide'
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0N1 Force announced the release of 0N1 Force Worldwide, three individual community features aimed at building the 0N1 Force footprint worldwide. 

The Deets

  • Three programs: Franchise, R0N1N, and World Club
  • All require KYC and applications for support
  • Each recieves varying levels of support from 0N1 Force team like marketing assets and support

The Details

0N1 Force's Worldwide campaign offers three levels of varying project support to community members who wish to push forward the 0N1 Force brand. "Worldwide" operates similarly to the Pudgy Penguins brand builder's guide, which gives community holders tools and resources to promote themselves and the brand. 

"Franchise" allows 0N1 Force holders to apply and submit their PFP for development in the franchise model. If accepted, users will receive support and can provide business proposals for which the 0N1 Force team will help build assets, market, and distribute. 

"R0N1N" is a business development ambassador program. Users who successfully apply will receive a "R0N1N" PFP to distinguish their status as an ambassador. Approved ambassadors can then seek out business deals for 0N1 Force and participate in the deal flow for the opportunities they provide. Each R0N1N PFP is controlled by the 0N1 Force team and can be recalled at any time. They cannot be bought or sold. 

"World Club" brings 0N1 Force to IRL. Three or more members can apply to create an 0N1 Force Club. Clubs can host IRL gatherings to support and promote the brand and 0N1 Force may help provide founding members, guide books, marketing support and more. 

❗️Why It Matters

Many NFT projects have started leaning into their communities for support and distribution of the brand and IP, but perhaps no project has formalized the process as much as the new team behind 0N1 Force. Specifically, the 0N1 Force ambassador program creates intriuge as it allows approved members to more or less act as a member of the 0N1 Force team to bring about expansionary deals and share in the upside. 0N1 Force may be best known for the "Logan Paul bought this NFT for a lot, it's now worth $10" meme, but the project has a new ownership and exists in a sector (anime) with a rabid fanbase and major potential. 

📊 By the Numbers

0N1 Force is up 40 percent in the last year, but is still down more than 75 percent from its all-time floor price high. 

🎤 Community Quotes 

Yo i'm super stoked! Just in time for something i'm cooking.Greyfang111

🎬 Take Action

Interested in joining one of the three available programs? Users can apply at 0n1force.com under the "Programs" tab. 

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