0n1 Force Experiences Rebirth

0n1 Force Experiences Rebirth
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Today, the new team behind 0n1 Force hosted a Twitter Spaces, and then detailed their vision going forward in an extensive Medium article.

๐Ÿ”™ Back It Up

0n1 Force is a popular collection of 7,777 generative anime-style characters created in August 2021. It rose to prominence at a time when the NFT space was truly starting to percolate - right around BAYC's unforgettable "Fuck it. Mutants Saturday" tweet. However, the project would flounder over the next year (like many projects from 2021), lost amidst a sea of other PFP projects entering the space.

1 year after launching, the floor had fallen below 0.3 ETH, and it wouldn't have been crazy to believe the project was dead. But starting in October the buys started again, and the floor begin to rise...And it continued to climb every month until now, with potential sale rumors swirling. It hit a crescendo (and floor price around 1.8 ETH) on February 22nd - when news broke that it had been bought out by a group including former execs from Binance and Yield Games.

โ— Why It Matters

0n1 Force's rebirth has been something to behold for anyone who's been around the space and witnessed their rise, fall, and rise again. Similar to the acquisition of Pudgy Penguins by Luca Netz, the transfer of ownership has also breathed new life into the 0n1 Force project. And now, the new team is officially in place and ready to articulate their vision for the future.

๐Ÿ”œ What’s Next?

The team's goal for the first three months is as follows:

  1. Rebuilt Trust
  2. Reactivate the Brand
  3. Reignite Fanbase

They've reiterated that while the transaction is newly completed, they've been hard at work on the vision for the next 2-3 years.

๐Ÿ” The Deets

As far as what they've done so far:

  • Fully bought out the founders, who have subsequently stepped away completely and have no involvement any longer.
  • Brought back IMCMPLX (the original 0N1 artist) and Cromagnus (in-house illustrator)  as creative advisors to help with new original works of art.
  • Increased quality of artwork/storytelling, and also brought back original lore and characters - to honor the past while looking to the future.
  • Initiated conversations with both Web2 and Web3 companies, making it clear to them that this is a new team and brand.

๐ŸŽค Community Quotes

Amazing update and very solid new team. 0n1 is primed for greatness.CryptoRobo

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