0xOG Pass NFTs

0xOG Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 294 0xOG Pass NFTs. 0xOG Pass is an art-focused membership pass that allows holders to enter a private mint round to mint 1 NFT in “Phase 1” of all projects 0xStudio will release.

0xStudio is a web3 WAAS (web3-as-a-service) company that believes that the artists and other creators are the ones that push the boundary of culture. The studio empowers artists, creators, and brands with technology, consultation, and advisory.

0xStudio projects that the pass will have access to are ones that the studio announces as a "launch partner", "technology partner", and "founding partner". Pass holders may also be granted access to exclusive raffles to third-party projects that 0xStudio collaborates or partners with.