3ntity-8spirit-g3neration NFTs

3ntity-8spirit-g3neration NFT Overview

Project Information

3ntity-8pririt is a 3838 generative NFT avatar project with many unique hand draw traits. There are two factions and three classes to choose from in total. 

3ntity-8pirit is led by project lead and artist Jae (J-838 on Twitter) from UltraDAO and dev Bitcoinski. Both Jae and Bitcoinski also worked on UltraDao’s first collaborative project, WoodiesNFT.

The project recently launched and sold out in under 5 minutes.

Similarly to Woodies, J-838 has also decided to introduce core characters that 3ntity-8pririt holders can win. There is no specific roadmap that is announced currently, but the artist did mention in his discord that his goal is to build the 3ntity-8pririt universe through community, art and fun.