6529 Gradient NFTs

6529 Gradient NFT Overview

Project Information

The 6529 Gradient is a collection of 101 NFTs that represent the 6529 symbols in its original two stark black and white forms as well as 98 grayscale gradients in-between. The project was founded by the prominent anonymous Twitter user and web3 visionary @punk6529

The symbol is the artist's (@6529er) preferred interpretation and genesis drop of his work. 6529er is a professional designer and digital artist with over 20 years of experience in graphic and web design. He is best known for his work on logo design, brand identity, and typography.

Each of the 100 pieces is represented as a 100% on-chain SVG with a secondary IPFS link. The 101st piece is Gradient #50 which is a special GIF. The 6529 mission is to accelerate the development of an open metaverse, with overall goals to get 100,000,000 people to use an NFT and ensure policy-makers do not kill an open metaverse before it begins.

This first drop by 6529 is a vehicle for interesting experiments in community engagement, other collections, and collabs, as well as auction dynamics. The project has no roadmap, discord, or utility token. The project's website states one should buy a 6529 Gradient NFT solely on the appeal of 6529er’s design.