888 Inner Circle NFTs

888 Inner Circle NFT Overview

Project Information

The 888 Inner Circle is a collection of 8,888 genesis NFTs from @crypto888crypto that celebrates the milestone of reaching 88.8k followers on Twitter. @crypto888crypto is a prominent NFT collector that is most notably recognized for the BAYC profile picture, a trippy, space suit ape with a halo (BAYC #5847). Holding an 888 Inner Circle NFT grants holders early access to future 888 drops, art airdrops, and early access to other curated NFT drops. 

@crypto888crypto has additionally created 888 The New World, an "NFT marketplace built by the artists & architects of the digital future". The New World looks to empower creative communities by ensuring the majority of profits go back to the artists. The platform looks to be a launchpad for artists, starting with the minting of their genesis piece and working towards a broader drop for collectors.