8sian NFTs

8sian NFT Overview

Project Information

8sian is a collection of 8,888 NFTs in the form of Asian women. 8sian aims to create a signature NFT collection that represents and connects the Asian community. Each drawing depicts an Asian female that representes the unique characteristics and traits of women across Asia.

The creator of 8sian is @8sianmom, who's been in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. She is a Bubble Tea chain owner with extensive networks in the retail, food, and beverage industry. Nicole believes that it is part of our identity and responsibility to preserve our cultural roots for the next generation. 

The project will incorporate the 8sian Foundation Museum, an NFT art exhibit utilising virtual reality technology. 8sian has already purchased land in Decentraland and Sandbox and will be investing and building an experience for NFT owners to interact as their 8sian virtual character. 8sian is an affiliate of one of the leading blockchain academies, Moralis Academy, and will be providing competitive pricing for their courses, enabling more people to be educated on the future of blockchain technology.