9999 Luftballons NFTs

9999 Luftballons

Project Information

9999 Luftballons is a collection of 9999 luftballons on the Ethereum blockchain.

Holders could mint a Luftballon for free on July 17th.

The project is an experimental airdrop community with a contract that supports token splitting.

Holders can earn $LUFT by owning Luftballons, which is spendable on airdropped NFTs. 

Airdrop NFT communities, such as 9999 Luftballons, are formed by like-minded groups using the ERC721AirdropTarget standard.

When there is a multitude of these communities, projects are able to pick what group best represents their target demographic.

9999 Luftballons was meant to be a social experiment and a test for a new standard of airdrops.

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