9dcc Acquires 0x Shop

9dcc Acquires 0x Shop
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9dcc is acquiring 0x Shop, enhancing its luxury brand with advanced web3 e-commerce technology.

The Deets

  • Integration: 0x Shop's technology will be infused into 9dcc's platform.
  • Leadership: 0x Shop's founders join 9dcc's leadership team.
  • Enhanced Experience: New onchain technologies will refine user experiences.
  • Expansion: The acquisition bolsters 9dcc's position as a top digital luxury brand.

The Bulk

9dcc, a crypto-native luxury house, announced the acquisition of 0x Shop, a web3 e-commerce platform. This strategic move aims to integrate 0x Shop’s technology and experienced team into 9dcc’s existing platform, enhancing the brand’s digital engagement and expanding its luxury offerings.

0x Shop is known for its e-commerce solutions, developing proprietary technologies that enable digital creators to sell their IP through phygital (physical + digital) products. These tools, including web3-enabled product widgets and generative physicals, will now be part of 9dcc's platform, offering users a seamless experience from product purchase to onchain activity and loyalty programs.

The founders of 0x Shop, Eric Tesenair and Chris Your, will join 9dcc’s leadership team. Eric, a former CTO and Co-Founder of Nifty's, brings extensive blockchain expertise, while Chris, a former CDO and Co-Founder of Nifty's, has over two decades of experience in consumer product design and platform engineering. Their combined expertise is expected to accelerate 9dcc’s growth and innovation in the luxury fashion space.

๐ŸŽค Founder Feedback

We are excited to bring the 0x Shop team and technology on-board to enhance the luxury experience for our brand. Our vision is to push the boundaries of digital engagement and offer unique luxury experiences to our community of holders.gmoney, Founder and CEO of 9dcc

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

In the coming weeks, 0x Shop’s technology will be fully integrated into 9dcc’s platform, with their leadership team playing a crucial role in advancing 9dcc’s award-winning Networked Products™ platform.

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