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Virtual Thanksgiving Parade Experience Features Notable NFTs
Staff Writer

A virtual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is coming to the metaverse.

Visitors to Macy's website on Thanksgiving morning (9 a.m. ET) will be able to view the virtual parade, which features historic balloons from the past 90 years. They will also be able to view five galleries from the following NFT collections: Boss Beauties, Cool Cats, gmoney, SupDucks, and VeeFriends.

A vote will also be held for visitors to determine which of the NFT projects will have their own real balloon in next year's parade. The first 100,000 voters will get a free Macy's "digital collectible."

Holders of last year's Thanksgiving parade NFTs and the aforementioned NFTs will have more voting power.

Users will also have the opportunity to mint a virtual gallery pass, from OnCyber, which will be airdropped Dec. 5. The virtual gallery passes cost $50, with all of the proceeds going toward Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

“As we countdown to the 96th Macy’s Parade, we are excited to bring this spectacle once again to the web3 virtual landscape with a fun experience that empowers our fans, collectors and our highly engaged Discord community,” said Will Coss, executive producer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Our genesis collection of Parade NFTs last year was so successful that we wanted to give our digital community the opportunity to select a native NFT design to be transformed into a real-world Macy’s Parade balloon, while also creating an opportunity to raise critical funds for our partner Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.”


Virtual Thanksgiving Parade Experience Features Notable NFTs
gmoney Shares Community Growth Plans, Details 'Networked Products'
Logan Hitchcock

NFT personality and entrepreneur gmoney provided a glimpse behind the curtain in a Twitter thread last night, detailing the three pillars behind his latest NFT project, 9dcc. 

Recently launched, 9dcc is a fashion project and described "network product" - with a core focus on creating a community that could transform from the digital realm to the physical. 

In the project's first drop, ITERATION-01, holders minted an NFT that eventually rewarded them with the ability to physically redeem a shirt. However, these are no ordinary shirts. 

Each shirt is enabled with NFC technology that allows the user to tap a chip and be instantly connected to the 9dcc community. 


But it doesn't end there. 

In addition to the holder or wearer opting into the community, they are also empowered to help build the community.

Each t-shirt comes with 200 POAPs, or proof of attendance protocol NFTs, which are distributable by the owner. 

As the owner provides POAPs from their ITERATION-01 NFT, they are essentially creating new 9dcc community members. These new 9dcc community members (the POAP holders) can then gain access to 9dcc community activations. 

The first community activation will take place at Art Basel in Miami starting on Nov. 29. 

At the event, both ITERATION-01 and ITERATION-02 (which will mint during that time) holders will have the ability to provide limited edition POAPs. 

The individuals who collect the most unique POAPs and distribute the most unique POAPS at the end of the event will be eligible to win an ITERATION-01 NFT of their choosing. 

As more POAPs are awarded, more individuals will become eligible for community activations, meanwhile growing the 9dcc community with each scan.

gmoney Shares Community Growth Plans, Details 'Networked Products'
9dcc Announces Iteration-02
Logan Hitchcock

9dcc, the luxury clothing line established by gmoney, announced Iteration-02 on Friday afternoon. 

Featuring Art Blocks and Chromie Squiggle creator, Snowfro, the second iteration will be dropped during Art Basel in Miami. 

No formal details about the drop were shared, but the dates Nov. 29 - Dec. 3 were highlighted. 

Iteration-01 which featured looks photographed by Justin Aversano minted in August for 0.30 ETH. Each NFT could then be used to redeem a luxury t-shirt displayed in the looks NFTs. 

It is expected that like Iteration-01, the NFTs dropped in Iteration-02 will be used as access passes to claim an additional luxury clothing item. 


9dcc Announces Iteration-02
gmoney's 9dcc Snapshot Coming Soon
Tyler Warner

The snapshot for gmoney's 9dcc NFT holders is coming today at 5 p.m. ET, according to a reminder sent from gmoney's Twitter this morning.

Self-described as "the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform," 9dcc is taking on the digital and physical fashion market.

Their first product "ITERATION-01" was an oversized black tee shirt, which can only be unlocked by holding the 9dcc ITERATION-01 NFT. The tee shirt comes with technology dubbed "Networked Product", leveraging short-range wireless connectivity to allow mobile scanning for companion NFT claiming. There is a patch on the bottom right of the tee which will facilitate that scanning.

Holders at the time of snapshot will be airdropped a "4K Voucher" NFT, which is the access key to the physical tee shirt. Voucher holders will then have a choice - keep the tee vaulted and in pristine condition, or claim it for actual wear. They can also choose to trade the Voucher NFT on the open market. Those looking to claim the tee are encouraged to follow the guide on the 9dcc website.

The market is hyped ahead of this snapshot, as 9dcc was a top 5 mover on the day jumping 20 percent to a 0.39 ETH floor, though it has since fallen to 0.33 ETH (for an XS) at the time of writing. There are different floor prices for different tee sizes, and the Large holds a 0.65 ETH floor with the Medium holding the highest floor at 0.8 ETH. 

The NFT set with supply 1,111 boasts a 56 percent unique ownership ratio, and the top holder owns 30 NFTs. The set was minted for 0.3 ETH back in August 2022.

gmoney's 9dcc Snapshot Coming Soon