GMoney to Represent 9dcc, Web3 at Paris Fashion Week

GMoney to Represent 9dcc, Web3 at Paris Fashion Week
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Fashion entrepeneur and CEO of 9dcc, gmoney, will represent his company and web3 at the Men's Paris Fashion Week from June 19 to June 26, 2023 according to a press release provided to Lucky Trader. 

The Deets

  • gmoney will participate in Paris Fashion Week.
  • gmoney recently announced collabartion with Jeff Staple, launching at the event: the 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap.

The Bulk

Building on his networked products portfolio, gmoney and Jeff Staple are launching an exclusive collaboration at Paris Fashion Week: the 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap. This move expands the notion of "Networked Products," fusing the realms of physical products and blockchain technology.

This comes just two years after the Paris fashion scene started to utilize NFTs into its shows. In 2021, The French Fashion and Haute Couture Federation teamed up with Arianee to launch an NFT pilot, according to a report from the Fashion Network. 

As part of the launch, Arianne CEO remarked "we are hoping to contribute to strengthening the position of Paris not only as the capital of fashion but also as the capital of NFTs."

❗Why It Matters

The digital and physical fashion crossover has been in the spotlight in recent weeks with the upcoming launch of Fewo Fashion from FEWOCiOUS, a major partnership between PUMA and LaMelo Ball and Gutter Cat Gang, Squiggle Sweaters, and the latest from gmoney and 9dcc. Paris Fashion Week has already embraced NFTs (even if minimally) thanks to the partnership with Arianne, and gmoney's participation should only further legitimizing potential crossovers and collaboration with real companies. Luxury and fashion have taken notice (I didn't even mention Gucci, LV, and beyond) of web3. 

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