9dcc Launches Account Update

9dcc Launches Account Update
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9dcc introduced comprehensive account enhancements, blending digital wallets with classic email/password authentication to boost community connectivity and personalization.

The Deets

  • Profile Management: Publicize key info such as Twitter, Discord, and website links, alongside your profile picture.
  • Customization: Tailor your profile picture and website for custom POAP designs.
  • Multi-Wallet Support: Unify various wallets under one account without gas fees.
  • Royalties: Royalty-free assets bought from any marketplace won't earn Network Points.
  • Subdomain: Receive your personalized 'you.9dcc.eth' within the 9dcc ecosystem.

The Bulk

9dcc, known for its blend of fashion and networked products, is reimagining its user accounts. This recent development aims to enhance community engagement and provide a platform for individual expression within the 9dcc community.

At the core of these updates lies the user's profile page. Users can share pertinent information like Twitter, Discord, and website links, presenting a clear picture of their identity within the community. Their profile picture takes on a new level of personalization, as it can be customized for individual POAP designs.

The new royalties system is also worth noting. Any Admit One and 9dcc asset purchased from a royalty-free marketplace won't be eligible for Network Points. A dedicated Royalties dashboard is provided to display any due royalties and guide the users on how to become eligible for Network Points.

Finally, users can now request their unique 9dcc subdomain, securing a personalized 'you.9dcc.eth'. This is more than just an ENS for Ethereum transactions; it's a reflection of a user's unique identity within the 9dcc ecosystem.

❗Why It Matters

Web3 ecosystems are all working to create the strongest possible community and the 9dcc profile boost seems in line with the recent de[id] tease from Frank DeGods - improving visibility for community members and removing friction from connecting with other likeminded holders. 

🔜 What's Next?

As the 9dcc team pushes forward with this new system, they're inviting their community members to help co-design more advanced features, continuously improving the user experience.

🎬 Take Action

Existing 9dcc community members can start creating their profiles at 9dcc.xyz.


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