The MV3 Universe NFTs

The MV3 Universe NFT Overview

Project Information

The MV3 Universe is a collection of 6,501 3D NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is co-founded by brother and sister Roberto Nickson and Jessie Nickson-Lopez. With the community at the project's core and vision, MV3 is creating its own universe within Web3. There are five different factions within the MV3 Universe: Elites, Empaths, AX, RQ, and Travelers. Co-Founder Jessie was on the founding writing team of the acclaimed series "Stranger Things", along with HBO series "The Outsider" and "Narcos: Mexico". Holders of The MV3 Universe NFT have ownership of the MV3 Universe and receive a percentage of the profits generated from the IP. The allocation of profit sharing is determined partly by character rarity, along with the storified game-theory mechanics of the project.