Notorious Frogs NFTs

Notorious Frogs NFT Overview

Project Information

The Notorious Frogs are a unique collection of 10,000 hand-drawn generative frog NFTs. Each frog is entitled to a LillyPAD, or Personal Access Domain, within Frogland, the central most founding district of the Metaverse NewPangea. 

The Notorious Frogs have collaborated with Gutter Cats and Wicked Craniums, both of which will have their own districts within NewPangea. The Gutter Cats will reside in Gutterville, while the Wicked Craniums will call the Land of Osseous their home. 

The "Toadmap" states that each Notorious Frog hodler will have input into the creation and design of Frogland with active discussions on their discord and twitter pages. The creation of the 10k LillyPADs within Frogland is the next big priority.