Adam Bomb Squad NFTs

Adam Bomb Squad NFT Overview

Project Information

The Adam Bomb Squad Project is a collection of 25,000 “Adam Bombs” curated by The Hundreds owners Ben and Bobby as they breached the boundaries between streetwear, fashion, and technology.  The “Adam Bomb” made its first appearance in 2006 on the back of Freshjive t-shirt, and now reigns supreme as one of the iconic mascots not only in The Hundreds community, but also in generational streetwear over the last 15 years. 

The Hundreds’ community has been collecting Adam, Badam, and Madam for years. Existing fans correlate specific memories with favorite bombs. Newer collectors are adding their own generational meaning to Adam Bomb Squad. But now, everyone can not only gather and promote The Hundreds’ bombs on their backs, they can own them as NFTs and share in the upside of their success.

The project’s plan was to “blow up” any bombs that don’t sell within the window, but the project sold out and now can be purchased on the secondary marketplace. The Hundreds is also retaining 5% (1250) of the bombs to be dispersed to the community for future causes.  Adam Bomb Squad NFTs were minted for 0.1 ETH, with bulk pricing for buying 5 or 10 bombs.

On Valentine's Day 2022, Adam Bomb Squad released Adam in Love, a collection of NFTs inspired by the holiday and available on and Decentraland's marketplace.