Adidas Originals Finally Answers Question 'Wen Merch'

Adidas Originals Finally Answers Question 'Wen Merch'
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For the last few weeks, adidas Originals merchandise has been delayed due to shipping and logistical issues. Now, purchasers finally have an answer to the question, "wen merch?"

"We are elated to actually answer 'wen merch'," the team wrote on Discord. "Today, the 'Looks Comfy' Hoodies will start shipping out from Top Drawer's warehouse."

Attached to the announcement is proof of the hoodies being folded and packed for shipping.

In order to ship the hoodies today, adidas Originals paused the shipping of their beanies. The beanies will not be included in the first shipment because they did "not [meet] quality control."

Originally, adidas Originals was expected to ship merchandise items toward the middle of June. After a few weeks, the team announced a "bump in the road" delay for hoodies and beanies.

"When you create something brand new in a company that is 72 years old, you can expect there will be some bumps, but it's not always clear what those bumps will be," the team wrote on Discord. "In complete transparency, suppy chain logistics have been more difficult than expected, compounded by a totally new product creation process for our ITM holders."

The team provided a seven to 10 day delay estimation on shipping at that time. It has been 21 days since the announcement.

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