Unlock Exclusive Rewards With 9dcc Network Points

Unlock Exclusive Rewards With 9dcc Network Points
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9dcc launched Network Points, a program designed to reward its most loyal members and foster meaningful real-life connections. 

The Deets:

  • Rewards for 9dcc and Admit One NFT holders.
  • Builds IRL communities through 9dcc Networked Products.
  • Prizes and incentives for top-ranking members. 

The Details

9dcc Network Points is a new program aimed at rewarding 9dcc and Admit One holders, focused on establishing meaningful real-life communities and connections through the use of 9dcc Networked Products.

As members engage with the ecosystem, they will have the opportunity to climb up the leaderboard and earn exclusive prizes and incentives. Over time, the highest-ranking members will be announced and awarded various perks.

Why It Matters

The 9dcc Network Points program promotes user engagement and loyalty within these communities in a hybrid model that encourages community growth beyond the web with networked products.  By rewarding users for their passion and dedication, 9dcc encourages active participation and fosters connections between like-minded individuals. 

🎬 Take Action

Sign up for the 9dcc Network Points program and start earning rewards today by visiting http://join.9dcc.xyz.

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